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Aren’t they pretty

I bought these little watercolours in Montmarte, Paris. We were wandering through the streets, turned a corner and found this lovely square filled with artists painting and selling their art. How could I resist. Advertisements

Time to Escape

Have you ever just felt that need to get away? Well, I seem to be feeling that more and more these days, just that need to escape normality and discover and experience something new and different. It is increasingly coming upon me when I see a plane fly above me (which I happen to see a lot since my current place of employment is next to the airport). All I do is wish that I could be on that plane, jetting off to somewhere different. Don’t get me wrong though, I am a very lucky person. I have an amazing, loving and supportive family, I am gaining a tertiary education and I have a part-time job, which keeps me relatively solvent. It is not that I don’t love where I live and the people that surround me, because I absolutely do. Plus, there is nothing like that feeling of coming home when you have been away for a certain amount of time. It is just that I am so aware of the fact that the world is large and diverse, …