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To the Seaside – A day trip to Brighton

Just a one hour train ride from London and the pebble beaches, carnival pier, and bustling lanes of Brighton provide the perfect city escape. I’ve done two separate day trips down to the coastal town, enjoying the sea breezes that one misses after being in the city for so long.
What I love about Brighton is that it has the perfect mix of relaxed seaside vibes and cosmopolitan charm. The town is entirely walkable if you’ve got comfy shoes on, the beach is only ten minutes from the main train station and the rest of the town’s attraction are all within 5-15 minutes of one another.
The North Laine area is my favourite place to wander around, with unique cafes and eateries spilling on to the streets and a festival-like spirit in the air. Charming vintage and homeware shops are on every corner and it’s easy to just spend a few hours slowly ambling around the streets.
The Royal Pavilion with its beautiful regency architecture is another must see as well as the famous Brighton Pier if you fancy some sideshow games and endless rides.
Walking right up along the beach to Hove lawns, candy coloured beach huts line the boardwalk. Tourist crowds begin to slowly ebb away and the seafront is instead filled with locals, dog walkers and the odd roller-blader winding their way through. While I’m not sure I would brave the cold seas for a swim (no matter how much of a “warm” day it is), enjoying some good ole fish and chips on the pebbled beach is the perfect way to wrap up a day by the sea.

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