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To the islands. First, Mykonos!

Blue and White.
There’s a reason these are the colours of the Greek flag, because Greece is blue and white. Particularly the Cyclades, and most certainly Mykonos. Crystal clear water, white houses with blue shutters and window boxes spilling with blooms, white crazy-patterned pavements, and picturesque churches around every bend.
If you’re going to make the trip, head there in the shoulder season months of April, May, September and October. It’s warm but not stifling hot, prices are cheaper, and it’s not as busy but everything is still open after shutting down over the winter. It’s also a more relaxed, local atmosphere as opposed to the high-rolling glitterati that descend during high season.
Our picturesque accommodation.

Our picturesque accommodation.

We spent one day strolling through Mykonos town exploring Little Venice and the shops that spill onto the lanes. We wandered along the beach, ate gelati, ate gyros, and then wandered around some more. It was a hard day, very strenuous.



Sunset on the windmills near Little Venice



Little Venice

On our second day we hired a quad-bike, which started some kind of tradition as we did it on each of the Greek islands that we visited. It’s the easiest way to get around the relatively small islands, and it allows you to take it at your own pace. We only had one incident with the bike and a very steep hill, but otherwise enjoyed the day visiting the smaller villages on the island.
Beautiful sunsets were not in short supply.

Beautiful sunsets were not in short supply.



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