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The breathtaking beauty of Milford Sound

Yes, my trip was a few months ago…yes, I’m finally getting around to posting…no, the mountains probably don’t have snow on them anymore…sorry.

I think the only phrase I could use to describe Milford Sound is ‘stunning natural beauty’.  It’s a place that rains two out every three days, is surrounded by cliffs, mountains and rainforests, and is one of the most popular places to visit in New Zealand.


If you like waterfalls, mountains, trees, penguins, seals and just all round spectacular landscapes, then I would suggest the day trip to Milford from Queenstown is a must do. It’s not an easily accessible place unless you have some major coin to spring for a plane or helicopter ride, but tour companies offering day bus trips are bountiful. The tour will include your bus trip to and from Queenstown to Milford Sound as well as a cruise (some might even throw in lunch), but be prepared to be up at the crack of dawn and spend most of your day on the bus.

We were lucky enough to visit on a clear sunny day, but even in the fog and rain I think this place would still be beautiful. Have a look and see for yourself.















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