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Queenstown…not just for the adrenalin junkie

Yes, my trip was a few months ago…yes, I’m finally getting around to posting…no, the mountains probably don’t have snow on them anymore…sorry. 

Think snow-topped mountains, a crystal clear lake and charming alpine style buildings. The vision you have conjured in your head is probably of Queenstown, NZ because that is exactly what this stunningly beautiful town looks like.

Commonly referred to as the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown has long attracted adrenalin junkies who have been lured to the picturesque lakeside town under promises of bungee jumping, canyon swinging, rafting and various other stomach-churning activities.

I am not one of those people.

My reasons were more for the scenic scenery, pretty walks, general merriment that comes with holidays and cozying up with a hot chocolate and looking at the mountains. Now that’s my idea of a good time.

When mum and I decided to take a holiday in October, we had a few ideas of some nice locations in Australia. But then we starting thinking about our underrated neighbours and thought maybe NZ would be the place to try.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘well Sam, if you’re not the jump-out-of-an-aeroplane-off-a-cliff-swing-upside-down-kinda-person then what is there to do in Queenstown?’ Well in terms of activities, there are all kinds of walking trails, three major ski fields nearby, wineries, biking etc etc. But mostly, the place is simply so damn beautiful. It’s one of those places that you don’t have to actually do anything, just sit back and enjoy it.


That being said, mum and I were quite adventurous during our week stay. We went on a boat…I know right? Whoa step back! Well, we went on a few actually. The first boat ride involved the steam boat known as the TSS Earnslaw where we took a very chilled and peaceful ride across Lake Wakitipu to Walter Peak High Country Farm, where lunch can be had a more prettiness can be enjoyed.

TSS Earnslaw, or 'Ernie' as I affectionately called him.

TSS Earnslaw, or ‘Ernie’ as I affectionately called him.


Lake Wakitipu


Our second boat trip was a lot more adventurous! We partook in one Queenstown experience that I would highly recommend, the Shotover Jet. Operating on the Shotover River, the jet boat speeds through narrow canyons and does 360 spins that have you holding on for dear life in the best way. There had been rain the morning of the day we went so the water was quite cloudy, but in better conditions the water is crystal clear and only a foot deep. Definitely an activity I would recommend for anyone whether you are adventurous or not.

Mum and I second row from the back. Aren't those jackets sexy..

Mum and I second row from the back. Aren’t those jackets sexy..

If stunning views are more your speed, you can ride the Skyline Gondola which offers mountain top views across the lake and to the Remarkable mountains. Once at the top you can paraglide or mountain bike down…or just ride the gondola back (my preferred option). There’s also a Luge Park at the top which is fun for the whole family.

Up we go...

Up we go…

View from the top

View from the top..hey there Queenstown



Stay tuned for my next posts to hear about our driving adventures to nearby towns, and the day trip we took to breathtaking Milford Sound.


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