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What’s In My Carry On?


What’s in my carry on? All the bits and bobs that I’ll need in the coming week, because I’m going to New Zealand! Be prepared for some future posts about my adventures in Queenstown, which will hopefully include lots of beautiful scenery, relaxing, good food, and jumping out of aeroplanes (just kidding on that last one, that’s definitely not happening).

Our sibling country isn’t that far away so the flights are not long, plus we are staying a night in Sydney on the way. As a result my carry on isn’t too full with the normal beauty bits I would take on a long haul flight.

Large Mimco Tote Bag – It’s not actually available anymore (though there are lots that a similar) but this is able to comfortably hold everything I’ll need.

Kikki K Travel Wallet – Passport, check. Itinerary, check. Travel Insurance, check.

Mimco Wallet – I like to swap to a smaller wallet when travelling because I don’t have a huge amount of cards, plus it fits easier in a smaller bag.

iPad – Rather than a laptop, this will be my connection to the world when I’m away.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – A book that has long been sitting on my shelf after a recommendation from a friend. Hopefully now I’ll have the time to read it.

Noise cancelling headphones – An absolute must on planes.

Lucas’s Paw Paw Ointment – A holy grail product that can handle anything from dry lips to burns and cuts.

Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy – Because I find it hard to go a day without it.

Gum – Another must for me when flying as it helps with ear pressure during take off and landing.


See you in New Zealand!


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