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Be prepared for some gushing, I’m not kidding. It’s quite often that you find a product that you love. But it’s not as often that you find a product that will forever replace all those like it that you have used before. I have found my favourite lip balm and I’m never going back!

Beauty guru, author and all round awesome gal Zoe Foster-Blake launched her debut skin care range, Go-To Skin care, at the start of this month. It was her years of experience in the industry as a beauty editor and director, plus the pretty peachy packaging, that had me reaching for my wallet. But it’s the products themselves that will keep me going back.

The products she’s put together are your basic go-to products (hence the name, clever ey!) and I started out trying the Lips! lip balm and the Exfoliating Swipeys. I’ve had a few weeks now to try them out and it’s good news on all fronts. I’ll leave the Exfoliating Swipeys for now and review them in a later post, because I need all the space I can get to rant and rave about the lip balm.

Firstly, it smells delicious; secondly, it feels divine on the lips; and thirdly, it works. Unlike some of those pesky lip balms that actually dry your lips so you keep going back for more and more product, Lips! really leaves your lips feeling soft and moisturised long after you’ve used it. It’s packed full of goodies like lanolin, jojoba oils, beeswax, shea butter, Vitamin E, avocado and primrose (among others) that really nourish and repair. It has definitely left me and my lips feeling happy and I would do yours a favour and pick this baby up yourself.


Go-To is available exclusively through their website http://www.gotoskincare.com




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