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LUSH is lush

I must have been living under a rock because apparently Adelaide has a LUSH store…how did I not know this! I remember shopping in the UK when I was travelling and going inside LUSH and just drooling at the wonderful bath bombs and massage bars (among other things). So when a friend told me there was one in the city, I hightailed it there and bought myself some goodies.

My timing was perfect too because they have special easter products in store at the moment and I couldn’t resist a few of them.

Carrot Soap: ‘This delicious soap contains carrot oil to moisturise. While the white bunny in each is made with cocoa butter to soften the skin. An easter treat without the calories.’

Fluffy Egg: ‘A very sweet, very delightful, VERY fluffy pink egg. Drop this egg-squisite bath bomb into a tub full of warm water and enjoy wallowing in the sweet as candy waters. A superb Easter treat for big and little kids alike, Fluffy Egg is a must have for fans of all things sweet, too.’

Bunny: Another candy scented bomb, ‘Inspired by the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. This bunny contains flowers that float around while you bathe.’

And I also picked up a couple of well-known favourites.

Not one, but TWO Butterballs (because I heard they are that good): ‘Tiny slivers of cocoa butter melt in a vanilla and ylang-ylang bath.’

Buffy Body Butter: ‘This exfoliating bar from lush will keep you cheeks peachy smooth. Melt in the shower then apply over body for smooth skin.’

Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar: ‘Stimulating cinnamon, cooling peppermint and massaging aduki beans. Great for weary limbs.’

I’d highly recommend getting yourself to a LUSH store. Not only are the products great but they also take a strong stance on ethically sourced ingredients and fighting animal testing. The girl in the store also gave me an arm massage when testing the massage bar, total bonus.

Top: Carrot Soap, Buffy Body Butter Bottom: Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

Top: Carrot Soap, Buffy Body Butter
Bottom: Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

Top: Bunny, Fluffy Egg Bottom: Butterballs

Top: Bunny, Fluffy Egg
Bottom: Butterballs




    • Oh really? I was trying so hard not to put everything in my basket! That’s something I’ll have to try for my next shop 🙂

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