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Autumn nails






As the seasons change, so do my nail polish favourites. I don’t usually go for darker polish shades (I’m a nude and pastel kind of girl) but I do like to change it up a little as the weather gets cooler, and these three shades are now on rotation.

OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around: It may be the longest nail polish name I’ve ever encountered but the confusion stops there because this dusty pink has just the right mix of pink and taupe undertones. Rather than a pastel shade that screams spring, this toned down pink is the perfect match for Autumn, adding a perfect subtleness to your nails. It’s really pigmented too and is just right with two coats.

OPI My Pointe Exactly: I’m a big fan of grey nail polishes and this really is just a nice grey! It’s not as pigmented as the other OPI polish, so it does need three coats. I don’t think you can really go wrong with grey nails, they are always chic but have a little bit more edge to them than a nude shade.

Rimmel London Salon Pro in Classical Red: This deep red has lovely pink undertones that give it some depth and mean that this shade changes in different lights. It bright light it’s more red/red, in darker light, it’s more of a pink/red. The wider applicator makes it so easy and quick to apply, and it’s so affordable. The polish does claim to be long-lasting for up to 10 days. Whether that is true, I couldn’t say because I can never go that long without switching up my nails.



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