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Tis the season to do nothing.

I love Christmas time. Not just because of the presents or the time with family or the delicious food that we continue to eat no matter how full we are or the cheerful carols that are incessantly blasted through every store’s speakers (yes I am serious, I love carols). I do love these things, but more than anything, I just love the time off. No work, no study, just day after day to do fun things I normally get to do once in a blue moon. I feel like I have no cares in the world. I mean, that’s absolute bull because I have a lot of cares. But just for these two weeks, all those cares fly away and I can live in blissful ignorance of them.

Like yesterday, I baked. I actually baked. And it wasn’t even a packet mix either, which is normally to go to if I ever have the time or inclination to bake something. And it was festive baking too…gingerbread men. I carefully measured out the ingredients as I painstakingly followed the recipe my friend had given me. Being my first attempt at gingerbread, I ditched the mixture halfway through cause the butter, sugar and egg mixture looked weird. On the second attempt, I realised that was how it was supposed to look and continued on with caution.

My creations

My creations

The best part though, was post-baking. It was the decorating part. The fun, sweet, took-me-back-to-primary-school-art-class part. And I took it so seriously too. Those little men were my canvases and the icing pens and smarties my tools. Any interruptions by my brother or cats were greeted with vicious vicious words. The only sounds allowed around me were from the Disney carols I managed to dig out of the ancient CD drawer.

After I finished my masterpieces, I spent two hours wrapping presents. Two hours. Who spends two hours wrapping presents? Me that’s who! While Mickey Mouse and the Chipmunks sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in the background. Gingerbread, wrapping presents and Disney carols. What a gloriously fabulous festive day.

See? Isn’t that great. That I could spend a whole day do mind-numbing activities that have absolutely no effect on my future career or income. Oh how wonderful.

So Happy Holidays to everybody. Enjoy the time with family, enjoy the food, but most of all…appreciate the time to do nothing, it won’t last long.



  1. Happy Holidays. If I spent 2 hours wrapping gifts I’d go mad. I’m known as being the world’s worst wrapper, so 2 hours would be absolute torture. 😀

  2. Haha I can understand that! I strangely enjoy it, and I can spend much too long meticulously making sure they are perfectly wrapped. I don’t know why though considering they are ripped open in two seconds on Christmas morning!

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